Celtic Image Meaning – Celtic Defend Knot

Celtic shield knots can be identified as any of the Celtic knots with for distinctive corner places. They ordinarily resemble a sq. but occasionally they are a sq. shaped emblem inside of a circle. As in all Celtic knots there is no commencing or finish. The Celtic protect knot strategy will come from civilizations much more ancient than the Celts. Anciently, it was a universally regarded symbol for defense from threat and warding off evil spirits. The image is always fourfold centered, but in just a better unity.

The Mesopotamians used a related four cornered symbol in casting protective spells and for invoking the gods of the four corners of the Earth. The 4 cornered symbols stood for the four creator gods. The sky god An was the greatest of these gods. Anki was the Sumerian word for universe. An intended heaven. Enlil was the up coming biggest god and could generate raging storms in a suit or enable gentleman when relaxed. He was acknowledged as the shepherd to the folks and also as the god of air. “lil” stood for wind in the Sumerian language. The earth goddess was Nin-khursag (or Nintu). The fourth god was Enki, the god of drinking water and patron of wisdom. Sumerians considered Heaven and Earth ended up united as a single mountain. Nammu, goddess of the primeval sea, gave beginning to An (Heaven) and Ki (Earth). An and Ki gave start to their son Enlil (god of the Air). Enlil then carried away his mother, the Earth, from Heaven. In essence these four gods represented sky, fire, earth and water. It is attainable that Celtic shield knots depict these exact substances.

The historical Norse, who at some point fashioned the Celts, had a comparable protect symbol. Their four cornered image, which was also for protection, was linked to the solar cross. The solar cross is a person of the most historical religious symbols in the globe. It is merely a cross with equal dimension arms, within of a circle and touching the sides of the circle, which kinds 4 open up areas. To the Norse it was known as Odin’s cross, their chief god. The photo voltaic cross represents the movements of the solar as in the solstices (the four seasons). Asatruar people (pagan Norse) use the solar cross as their religious emblem.

Occultists who us a Kabbalah (the mystic part of Judaism) dependent technique of ceremonial magic invoke the four most important archangels as talked about in Judaism (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) as guardians. They are to guard the 4 quarters (as witnessed in a solar cross), or instructions. They each individual have corresponding colours associated with magical homes. As effectively they display religious action about every time: Spring is Raphael, summer time is Uriel, drop is Michael and wintertime is Gabriel. For these occultists, the solar cross or shield knot symbol stands for this.

Christianity, in the Scandinavian place, ultimately took the pagan image of the photo voltaic cross or the protect knot and termed it St. Han’s cross (or St. John’s cross, soon after John the Baptist). It arrived to symbolize flowing water and the continuity of daily life, identical to the infinity symbol. Christianity is recognized for shifting the which means of quite a few formerly pagan symbols, as it distribute. In Northern Europe, even currently, the shield knot image is utilised to symbolize countrywide heritage web pages. In heraldry the very same knot image is acknowledged as a Bowen cross.

So we can tell that the unique Celtic protect knot symbol is indicative of the four seasons or earth water, fireplace and sky (which assist us, but have electric power over us). It can also indicate the four gods, intertwined with the seasons, or archangels, who protect the people today of earth as effectively as convey us the components or seasons.

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