Graphology at Residence – Lesson 4 – The “t” Bar

To the graphologist, the two most significant letters for examination are the smaller t and the letter i.

In this chapter, you will discover nearly every single probable variety of t bar. Any other t bar you may appear across will in all probability be only a variation of a person of these, and with exercise, you should be able to see into which group of t bar it suits.

When we talk of the t bar, we necessarily mean the horizontal line crossing the stem of the t. We are not anxious with the letter as a total.

The ‘normal’ t bar is properly centered meaning that the size of the bar is equal on the two sides of the stem, and the size alone is the normal length. It also crosses the stem in the center (measuring from leading to base). This t bar demonstrates confidence and self-discipline. It is the variety of t we had been taught to make as children.

The article placed-rightward- t bar flies away from the stem. Frequently such writers have brief minds. Their function is not exactness in detail they want to complete rapidly. They are intense, frequently showing temper, impatient to reach their objectives.

The pre placed t bar-leftward- besides not crossing the stem, also does not touch it. This author procrastinates, usually shows a absence of self-self esteem, and is fearful. It is challenging for him to make selections. He would relatively keep off, as he held off from crossing the stem of the t.

The bowed t bar (also named a convex t bar) is generally discovered possibly in the center or the top rated of the stem. It exhibits a potent desire for self-command- like a hand holding again a particular want the author wishes to suppress.

When the bowed t bar is at the major of the stem, the bar is in the higher (spiritual) zone, this author needs to place a suppress on his earthy appetites, keeping back again primitive needs for deep spiritual motives.

Anywhere handwriting generates a knot, it displays persistence, stubbornness, a need to have one’s own way. If, in addition to the knots, hooks look in the letter as properly the persistence is accentuated, mainly because the character of the hook is not to enable go.

The t bar that is above the stem, reveals the writer to be an individual with potent imagination. He is adventurous, he has targets, he is authoritative. If he is in a position to make his goal a truth, he will possibly do so in a fantastic way, for he aims for the stars. (Observe that the t bar is in the higher zone). However, these persons are typically unrealistic, so the aims they established for them selves are frequently unreasonable.

An interesting take note: Many graphologists have pointed out that when a man or woman is preoccupied with his occupation, his handwriting will frequently reveal some kind of symbolism of the resources he makes use of. This certain t bar is frequently found amongst pilots, as if they believed of themselves as flying.

When the ‘t’ bar is flung down, the author likes a problem. This author will not give up he is a dominant individuality, and when he says a little something, he usually means it. There is also cruelty in his individuality, and he is often sulky, has a small impression of others, is resentful, and in general is let down in daily life. Even though it is a masculine producing trait, many females create this form of t bar also.

When the ‘t’ bar is only half of a bar-on the right side of the stem, which signifies wishes and goals, there is a particular diploma of guilt about the previous in this author-not so severe that it prevents him from touching the stem, but it will not allow him to make a total bar. (Note: Every time a t bar does not cross the stem, regardless of which aspect it is located on, it reveals repression.)

The t stem signifies the present. Therefore, when the bar seems only to the remaining of the stem (not revealed), it signifies some deficiency on the right, some shortcoming in his aims, his long term. When the bar seems only to the right of the stem (as proven), it represents some absence on the remaining and indicates that the writer prefers not to be in contact with the past, probably his childhood.

The t bar that descends in a “rough” way, but does not cross it, signifies a specific diploma of repression. The writer has guilt inner thoughts, and he life in the past, as proven by the site of the t bar on the remaining of the stem. In reality, together with aggression, there is also weak point.

Any t bar not crossing the stem shows a absence of self-confidence, fears about the self, and, as we pointed out before, repression. In addition, if the stem is looped, it will suggest sensitivity-typically hypersensitivity. A loop, in standard, is blown up to regardless of what degree necessary for the writer to convey his inner thoughts. Loops are signs of vainness. This man or woman is going to be harm really typically, considering the fact that he appears for compliments, and is incredibly delicate.

The concave t bar, is reverse in form to the bowed t bar and essentially opposite in that means. It reveals fickleness, a human being who is quickly swayed, has weak resistance and weak willpower. The concave-t-bar author requires the least difficult way out and prefers not to struggle.

A t that is not crossed at all may possibly signify a lot of opportunities: carelessness, forgetfulness, actual physical weak spot, bad health, hastiness, and impatience-a person who does not have the time to stress about aspects and wants only to get his considered throughout. Usually, when the t bar is missing, we verify for other corroborating indicators, such as inclined producing and diminishing measurement of the center-zone letters toward the close if those people signals are current, we say the uncrossed t bar stands for speed.

Hypersensitivity is discovered when the author will not even choose his hand off the web page to cross the stem horizontally (aim-oriented). As an alternative, without the need of lifting his hand, he scrawls a vertical t bar from the base of the stem, exhibiting that he lacks powerful targets for the foreseeable future and is sensitive about this location of his daily life.

The t bar in the type of a knot demonstrates persistence. If the t bar is located previously mentioned the stem, the persistence problems the self.

As we know, the t bar in the kind of a knot reveals persistence, but if the letter is composed of straight traces (forming angles) it suggests that he will go on to his ambitions relentlessly.

There are a few types of the ‘hooked’ t bar, all indicating tenacity and stubbornness.
a t bar with a hook at the remaining, reveals a man or woman who starts off out powerful but then gives up.

At bar with a hook at the appropriate, reveals an individual who may well not start out out stubborn, but in the system results in being so.

A t bar with hooks at each ends, starts off and finishes stubborn, and will battle on to the conclusion of his own study course. Men and women like this have a lot of electricity and commonly shift close to a large amount.

The t bar that is put pretty large on the stem, demonstrates self-self confidence. If a t bar is located beneath the middle of the stem: it reveals absence of assurance in the self, as even though he did not come to feel excellent sufficient about himself to “extend up” to his typical peak. The actuality that the stem descends as it does with these kinds of resolve reveals stubbornness, unwillingness to bend to another’s impression. It is normally hard to get alongside with these kinds of a particular person as you can see, he descends to the decrease zone to pick up a sure diploma of energy.

Notice: The peak of the t bar as an indicator of temperament is only relative to what is typical. In some countries, students are taught generally to cross their t’s somewhat decrease, or rather higher, than is typical with Palmer Approach writers. So for them, relative height have to be borne in mind.

When the t bar starts off off thick and finishes thin, it is a indication of one particular with a sharp tongue and sarcastic character.

When the t bar goes back again to the still left, representing the earlier, it reveals introversion. It also shows jealousy and lack of responsibility, and the hook in the composition of this letter reveals greed, egotism, and selfishness.

When the t bar crosses in the middle but veers upward, it displays social aspirations and normally a sturdy imagination. (This t bar factors to the upper zone.) It is also the indicator of just one who wants to boost his circumstance, and is aggressive.

The place only a smaller element seems to the left of the stem the t bar may possibly look identical to the past a person, but it has a various that means. This writer is bold to the stage of owning a battling mother nature-he seems to be as if he have been holding a bat. He is typically the 1 who would fairly get you to court than settle a suit outdoors.

When the ‘t’ bar commences moderately, not too dark, not too muddy, but then the bar on the suitable aspect of the stem becomes extremely hefty, danger is indicated Frequently this sort of individual does not exhibit his brutality in the starting, but it can be provoked at a moment’s see, with no warning. If this trait is corroborated by other indications in the script, these kinds of as muddy crafting, and if it is composed with the exact same strength with the bar off the stem it may possibly show a assassin.

This is a common script found amongst murderers. Needless to say, these individuals are resentful, and (frequently) have a small belief of other men and women.

A wavy t bar is a indicator of pleasurable and gaiety, the practical joker mimicking many others. It is as if the stroke of the t bar was declaring, “Ah, do not acquire me significantly.”

The t bar with one particular-50 % of its length scrolled is quite distinct from the wavy t bar. This particular person, while he responses inquiries in a extra or fewer straight trend, does so sarcastically. The straight part of the bar signifies his reply to the question the scrolling represents a little something of his possess, which is included on (his sarcasm).

When the t stem is looped, it demonstrates vanity (preening oneself in the presence of other people). It also shows prejudice and superficial friendliness, a display-off. This particular person is bound to make an impact.

This minimal t bar suggests an inferiority complex. The t bar by character displays strength, willpower, the will of the individual, self-confidence. Its small placement on the stem displays this writer’s lack of self-esteem.

Constantly on the intellectual amount, small t-bars surface in the script of timorous folks who have minor self esteem in their very own suggestions and as a result do not system extremely significantly ahead. In the same way, the small t-bar is indicative of the sober and subject-of-point.

When the t bar goes down, about, and back toward the stem, it reveals greed, a hoarder. The shape of the arc in the t bar appears to be like as if the writer was making an attempt to keep on to anything.

When the t bar goes up and around and factors toward the stem, this is a sign of egotism.

When you have the t bar covering the entire phrase it is a signal of security, fatherliness. (Take note: This particular t bar is found amongst several gals, generally young widows or divorcees. The reality that they are bringing up children by itself, having additional the fatherly function to that of motherhood gives us an knowledge as to why this “masculine” trait need to appear in their handwriting.) If the stop stroke will come up and in excess of toward the left it has the similar this means.

Notes about the t bar and the i dot:

We have observed the relative significance of the t bar. There are occasions when the t bar adopts no a single steady kind in the course of a piece of crafting. Some t’s will have a small-positioned bar, other people a center placement, and still other folks a fairly high a single or even an over-the-stem place. This crafting implies a man or woman who has not nevertheless uncovered his “point” in life, but is hunting.

When the writer publish destinations the greater part of the t bars, he commonly publish spots the i dots also. Similarly, when the vast majority of the t bars are pre-positioned so are the vast majority of i dots. I use the term “greater part” since it is scarce for a individual to produce all his t-bars or i dots the exact top or in the very same position. The graphologist appears to be for the over-all regular.

The i dot functions in relationship with the t bar. But the cash I, in the English language, has another meaning. When we compose the cash I, we are visualizing in our minds what we believe of ourselves. The I stand for the moi, so the special shapes this money letter requires will demonstrate you, in capsule form, the writer’s self-image.

If you have wondered why a t bar or i dot should demonstrate the numerous symptoms that they do, it is since the two represent an additional mark that the writer must halt and make. (The same issue holds genuine for native writers of languages that are prosperous in diacriticals, this sort of as the Scandinavian, and their managing implies the exact same interpretation.) When the author writes a word that contains a t or i, he should make a decision no matter whether to cross the t bar (or dot the i) in the middle of the word, or wait until eventually he finishes the word and then go back again. The way he solves this little difficulty offers an crucial clue to his individuality.

Evaluation for Lesson 4

1. What does the put up positioned t bar reveal?

2. Which t bar demonstrates procrastination?

3. Which t bar indicates robust imagination?

4. Describe the t bar that discloses a dominant temperament.

5. What form of t bar signifies fickleness?

6. What variety of t bar can present forgetfulness?

7. Stubbornness can be found in a t bar. What is the widespread issue to
appear for?

8. The t bars in the subsequent sample reflect what trait?

9. A lot of of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ horizontal strokes veer upward. What does this expose?

10. A t bar covering the full word discloses what trait?

11. What is identical concerning the adhering to t-bars and i dot?

12. What ought to the author make your mind up when creating a term containing a t or an i?

13. Explain the t bar that appears in timorous folks who might have little self confidence.

Solutions for Lesson 4

1. Frequently this kind of writers have swift minds. Their objective is not exactness in depth they want to end promptly. They are intense, usually demonstrating mood, impatient to reach their aims.

2. The pre-positioned t bar

3. The t bar that soars higher than the stem

4. It is flung down

5. The concave t bar

6. The t bar is lacking

7. Hooks in the t bar

8. Sarcasm

9. This reveals social aspirations and normally a powerful creativity. It is also the indication of one particular who wants
to improve their circumstance, and is intense.

10. Security, fatherliness

11. They are pre-put

12. When the author writes a term that contains a t or i, he need to make a decision no matter whether to cross the t bar (or dot
the i) in the middle of the phrase, or hold out until he finishes the word and then go back again. The way he
solves this minor problem offers an significant clue to his individuality.

13. Small t-bars

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