Positive aspects of Farrowing Crates For Pigs

If you very own a piggery farm, know that you need to find a way to produce a ton of piglets each calendar year for profitability. Even so, this target is not quick to reach right now since of large piglet mortality price. There are a ton of elements that direct to piglet mortality. A person of all those variables is the absence of an significant unit in the generation middle called a farrowing crate.

If you are just starting up out, you may not have any strategy of the worth of farrowing crates for feminine pigs. Right after beginning, piglets struggle to survive and several of them die. As a end result, you endure a lot of economic loss.

So, if you are investing in pig farm machines, we advise that you get farrowing crates. Some of their rewards are shown beneath:


If you have intense gilts, know that they may possibly try to eat their piglets soon after providing birth to them. Truly, what takes place is that they keep licking the navels of their infants until the piglets are torn apart. In this circumstance, if there is a farrowing crate, it can enable prevent the disaster.


At times, it happens that the mother measures on her piglets while moving around following shipping and delivery. In some instances, she finishes up slipping asleep on her toddlers, which benefits in the loss of life of most of the babies. So, it’s far better to have this unit.

Births in Wallow

Below is a further challenge: if a pregnant sow is supplied full liberty to stroll all-around, she may well conclusion up providing the baby in the wallow. As a end result, infants could die. So, acquiring a farrowing crate can assistance avert this variety of incidents.

Lousy Sows

Soon after supply, it really is important for sows to breastfeed the newborns. On the other hand, some sows are much too lazy to do that. Instead, they just lie in the wallow.


Piglets that are in lookup of h2o tend to consume filth and consume urine. If you have a nicely-intended farrowing crate, the mom pig will not be capable to access the feces and urine. To meet the requirements of your animals, you can offer a separate drinker and feeder alternatively.

Biting Piglets

Piglets tend to bite other piglets, specially when they are about the weaning age. However, if they are crated, it may possibly not occur.

Weaning Pounds

When child pigs technique their weaning age, they want to get a ton of body weight. If you supply a separate feeder and drinker for them, it will assistance them achieve their weaning fat.

If you want to enjoy 99% generation good results, we advise that you spend in good quality pig farm machines. Based on the quantity of breeding sows you have, make positive you get the appropriate variety of farrowing crates.

Possessing a inadequately created crate might bring about a large amount of issues, this sort of as:

  • Bigger piglet mortality
  • Foot Sores
  • Diarrhoea
  • Sow demise
  • Sow lameness

To slash a prolonged tale quick, it is essential for you to make investments in nicely-designed pig farming equipment if you are going to transform your business into a profitable one.

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